Business premises of Montair Environmental Solutions where a shepherd with sheep walks past
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Our mission

We want to contribute to a sustainable, clean and safe environment for current and future generations by helping our customers achieve their environmental goals. That is why we supply high-quality, environmentally friendly process solutions. But of course we also do everything we can to make our own business operations as responsible as possible.

1. Renewable energy

There are 564 solar panels on the roof of our building. With these panels we generate more than enough solar energy to run our company solely on green energy.

Duurzaam Montair Environmental Solutions

329.56 MWh
Total Yield
since 2022


156.54 tons
CO2 avoided
since 2022


2.15 kWh
last hour

kWh yield per month

2. Local support

We work for customers worldwide so that they can achieve their environmental goals everywhere. But we certainly don't forget our immediate surroundings either. We are happy to contribute to various local initiatives for people, the environment and society.

3. Sustainable transport

More and more Montair vehicles are fully electric. We are also happy to offer visitors with electric cars the opportunity to charge their car at one of our charging stations.

A large number of our colleagues are doing even better and simply come to work by bike. We are trying to encourage this even further with our bicycle plan.

Photo of Montair colleagues during a bike ride
Tom van Asten - Montair Environmental Solutions

Montair as a company contributes to a cleaner, safer living environment by offering our customers specific process solutions that in many cases reduce emissions and waste flows. At our own location we strive for the lowest possible CO2 footprint by, among other things, reducing our net energy consumption as much as possible.

- Tom van Asten, CEO of Montair

Tablet in Montair's workshop

4. Digital workshop and LED lighting

In our workshop we use tablets to view and process all information. This is not only more convenient for our colleagues, but also saves a lot of unnecessary paper.

We have replaced all lamps in the workshop and offices with LED variants. These use less power than traditional lighting, allowing us to save energy.

5. Heating and cooling

Our workspace is heated with a heat pump with a closed source system. This produces a heat generation of approximately 42.5 kW (and a cooling of approximately 32 kW). The peaks in heating are absorbed by a modulating HR central heating boiler of max. 70 kW. Underfloor heating is our main form of heating to maintain a pleasant working climate during the cold days.

When it is warm outside, we use the same system to keep our building cool. The heat pump and a modulating cooling machine, integrated in the air handling unit, provide an adjustable supply temperature in the summer period.

We have also installed ten support fans in the workshop, which ensure better flushing and temperature stratification.

Decorative image of heat and cold
Large waste containers at Montair

6. Large waste containers

We have placed two large underground waste containers on our site. By replacing our smaller waste containers with these large variants, the waste does not have to be collected as often. This not only saves work for the waste processor, but also limits logistics movements and therefore CO2 emissions.

7. Rainwater and Bleating Lawnmowers

Our company is located in a beautiful, green environment. To fit in with this environment, especially the adjacent Heesbeemden nature reserve, the greenery on our own grounds was done in collaboration with Stichting Groengroep Sevenum. We naturally take good care of these plants and trees. We do this together with our local gardener and we use rainwater, so that we can save valuable drinking water.

There are two meadows around our property. We do not mow these with lawn mowers. During the grass growing season, the meadows are grazed alternately by a group of sheep from Sheepdog training "Take Time" from Blitterswijck. This saves energy and regularly provides an even more beautiful view.

The meadow at Montair with a shepherd with sheep and the building in the background