Political Party Essentie visits Montair Environmental Solutions and receives a tour from Tom van Asten

Last week the political party Essentie from Horst aan de Maas visited us. Those present were very interested in what we are doing, given the affinity with their party programme. After an introduction to Montair's activities and a tour of the company, three propositions were debated:

1. “If the goal of emission reduction is no longer feasible for the entrepreneur from a cost-technical point of view, the government must step in”

2. “Radioactive waste is a valid argument not to use nuclear energy as a source to achieve the climate goals”

3. “Politics should take an active stance when it comes to ensuring a favourable living, working, learning and living environment, so that sufficient workers remain (or even come) in the region to support the wonderful and high-quality industry in to preserve our region”

For us this was a nice way to get close to the politics of our area and we enjoyed the interesting debates.