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06 / 07 / 2017

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In May 2017 Montair Process Technology has been awarded by Kemira Kemi AB in Sweden the contract for the engineering and manufacturing of a wet scrubbing system for the removal of hydrogen sulphide out of a vapour stream from a sulphur production line.

The system is designed for a gas flow of 3.000 actual m3/h at a temperature of 80ºC and includes a fibre glass reinforced (FRP) counter-flow spray tower, an UMHW-PE scrubbing liquid recirculation pump, two mild steel rubber lined induced draft fans, applicable FRP ducting, a FRP 20 m tall stack and chemical addition systems for sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

One year ago, in June 2016, Montair already had been awarded the contract for the supply of a particulate removal scrubbing system also for Kemira Kemi AB in Sweden.
This system included a stainless steel variable throat venturi, a stainless steel cyclonic entrainment separator with mist eliminator, a stainless steel scrubbing liquid recirculation pump and a stainless steel high pressure  induced draft fan. All equipment items have been installed on a mild steel skid.
The system has been taken in operation early 2017.

Early 2016 Montair Process Technology was awarded the contract for the supply of a wet scrubbing system for AkzoNobel in Sweden for the removal of hydrogen chloride of flue gases from a regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO).

The system included a Hastelloy C-276 quench, a FRP packed bed absorber with exhaust stack, two UMHW-PE scrubbing liquid recirculation pumps and a sodium hydroxide dosing system with storage tank.  The system has been designed for a flue gas flow of 14.000 normal m3/h at a temperature of maximum 280ºC. Installation of the system took place in August 2016.

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