Colleagues discuss their work with a tablet in the Montair workshop

Application Areas

With our wide-ranging knowledge and experience, we have a large area of application for our installations in the following sectors, inter alia:

  • (Petro-) chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Waste processing industry
  • Nuclear industry
  • Primary steel and aluminium industry
  • Graphics industry
  • Chemicals storage and transhipment
  • Bio-industry

We regularly work with partners who are committed to responsible stewardship (nuclear and non-nuclear). 

A selection from our customer base

TATA Steel
Ghent University
Darling Ingredients
Aspen Oss
Canon Production Printing
Vetmundi - University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

Examples of our success stories


Belgoprocess is a subsidiary of NIRAS (the National Institute for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials). NIRAS is responsible for the management of radioactive waste in Belgium. Belgoprocess has the knowledge, experience, and a polyvalent infrastructure for the safe and socially responsible processing and storage of radioactive waste materials and the dismantling of nuclear installatio... More information

Darling Ingredients

Darling is a global player in the innovative and sustainable processing of specific organic waste streams and animal by-products, with the aim of adding value to those products. The end products from Darling Ingredients processes are used as natural ingredients for a wide variety of purposes, including pharmaceuticals, food, feed, technical applications, fertilizers, and bio-energy.... More information

Canon Production Printing

Canon Production Printing is historically a Dutch company (formerly Océ) that manufactures copiers. CPP has a long history of innovations in document management, business processes, graphic art, industrial printing, and even the conservation of fine art.... More information