Jarno Hendriks looks at his tablet in the Montair assembly hall

In their own words

Frank Thomassen, R&D, Canon Production Printing

“CPP has been working with Montair for around 30 years now. Collaboration has grown over the years, from the production of a gasket ring to the adjustment and construction of different products, processes, and complete installations. It attests to their expertise that the Montair team itself designs and constructs pilot and production plants. And, most importantly, quickly undertakes minor adjustments to installations and configurations.

CPP opts for Montair because of its direct and rapid support and because of the pleasant relationship that we have built over the years. Montair’s growth across all disciplines is also positive – from technical development to production. Another benefit is the company’s proximity – for us, it means that we can meet for consultations quickly and at short notice.”

In their own words

Michel Detische, Procurement Account Manager Canon Production Printing

“As a buyer, one of the areas that I am responsible for is the equipment that we need to make our own products, which is essential for operation of our printers. Working with CPP, Montair designed an installation four years ago, and constructed the pilot plant, that can transform raw materials into a new end product – the UV gel ink. CPP Venlo has had the ink on the market for two years now and it is truly unique worldwide – the ink is liquid and remains in ‘balls’, does not run, and is resistant to sunlight. It helps to ensure that printed products last.

Communication with Montair is pleasant, open, and informal. The team is always prepared to go the extra mile in trialling and testing products and processes and that means that we got a fantastic, properly functioning pilot plant – after that, Montair manufactured and installed the large installation. During construction, we had meetings nearly every day to make short cyclical adjustments wherever necessary. This meant that we experienced no delays, and the original plan was accomplished to our complete satisfaction. Montair is an example of great workmanship, with the right certifications too!”

Who is Canon Production Printing?

Canon Production Printing is historically a Dutch company (formerly Océ) that manufactures copiers. CPP has a long history of innovations in document management, business processes, graphic art, industrial printing, and even the conservation of fine art.