Decorative image of a man checking an emission reduction installation with a tablet

In their own words

Richard van Lijssel, Director of Technology Darling Ingredients International

“Collaboration between Montair and Darling Ingredients began in 2007. We have since installed ten Montair systems, one of which was recently replaced at our production site due to capacity expansion. The majority of the systems are gas washers that remove specific components released during combustion of odour-contaminated process streams.

What makes Montair different is that they supply a technically robust product and that the project does not end when completion is done – the team is always available to make adjustments and to conceive solutions when processes work out differently than planned. Every application at Darling Ingredients is different, so Montair creates bespoke solutions for us, even when working with materials that are not typical for Montair. The Montair team gives us peace of mind and takes care of things for us. In all of our years of collaboration we have found Montair to be a professional, honest, reliable, and service-focused partner that truly fits with our core values of sustainability, honesty, transparency, and entrepreneurial spirit.’ 

Who is Darling Ingredients?

Darling is a global player in the innovative and sustainable processing of specific organic waste streams and animal by-products, with the aim of adding value to those products. The end products from Darling Ingredients processes are used as natural ingredients for a wide variety of purposes, including pharmaceuticals, food, feed, technical applications, fertilizers, and bio-energy.