Three Montair colleagues from different departments consult with each other

Experts at Montair possess specialist knowledge and many years of experience. They work tirelessly, every day – in project management, design, engineering, production, and client support – to ensure that every project objective is met.

Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.

- Quote from Steve Jobs

Colleagues discuss their work with a tablet in the Montair workshop

The projects that I work on in Montair’s production department are innovative and extremely diverse. It means that no two days are ever the same.

Huub van der Sterren - Production
Huub van der Sterren - Production

Montair is a dynamic company engaged in challenging projects worldwide! We are in a niche market with unique projects. Nothing can be considered “standard”, which gives an added dimension to purchasing.

Maik Wilms - Purchase Leader
Maik Wilms - Purchase Leader

At Montair, we have a varied package of products and installations that we engineer, assemble, and deliver. It makes the work extremely diverse and challenging. I love working out the functional operation of an installation and seeing it in practice later on.

Frank Geurts - Senior Project Engineer
Frank Geurts - Senior Project Engineer

Montair is a company that values and encourages own input. We are a close-knit, committed team that’s always working towards a solution. The best thing about Montair is seeing a product grow from engineering to controls, manufacturing, assembly, and acceptance testing.

Stefan Bouten - Production Manager
Stefan Bouten - Production Manager

As a controller, my role at Montair is closely involved with progress and evaluation of the results of projects, which ensures a robust basis for our financial reporting. At Montair, we’re always working on unique projects for our clients, which makes the work interesting and diverse.

Brent Schoonen - Controller
Brent Schoonen - Controller

Montair is a unique company with a wide array of different projects. There are short lines of communication, so we can respond promptly to our clients’ requests. There’s a nice working atmosphere, everyone is willing to help out one another.

Berry van den Munckhof - Design Leader
Berry van den Munckhof - Design Leader

I analyse the client’s requests and then my colleagues and I translate that into functional and technical specifications. It’s important that there are short lines of communication to both the client and to the developers and engineers working on the assignment. That way, we can jointly create the most sustainable and efficient solutions that meet the applicable regulations.

Maurice Evers - Sales Manager
Maurice Evers - Sales Manager

Montair is open to innovations and developments. Clients all over the world come to us with their challenges. Neither me or my colleagues ever stand still – after all, standing still is really going backwards.

Susanne van Mierlo - Administrative Assistant
Susanne van Mierlo - Administrative Assistant

Montair develops complete solutions that contribute to a clean and safe environment. The only way to do that is with employees who understand and have experience in this field. Thankfully, Montair has an inventive and skilled team backed up by 50 years of experience!

Tom van Asten - CEO
Tom van Asten - CEO

As a chemicals process technologist, I have the knowledge needed to understand and calculate (chemical) processes. What I love about working at Montair is how every project is unique and provides a new challenge.

Stefan Stouten - Process Technologist
Stefan Stouten - Process Technologist

I am very often the face of Montair when clients visit or call. I enjoy working at Montair – it’s diverse, challenging, and there are plenty of opportunities to grow.

Ingrid Meulenkamp - Secretary
Ingrid Meulenkamp - Secretary

Unlike many other companies, Montair values quality over quantity. I consider it important to be an “all-rounder” – from working on sheet metal to unloading the trucks. But high-quality welding will always be my preference.

Jarno Hendriks - Welding Specialist/Fitter
Jarno Hendriks - Welding Specialist/Fitter

I have 30 years of experience in the engineering of new machinery and installations and I am still developing my knowledge. Every challenge is unique. I love the fact that we can use our knowledge and experience to find the right solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Peter Maessen - Senior Project Engineer
Peter Maessen - Senior Project Engineer


Tom van Asten, familiar with the company for decades, has been CEO of Montair Environmental Solutions B.V. since 2020. Montair’s core values and Tom are a good match:

"It’s important for humanity that we:

  • Improve the quality of the air
  • Reduce nuclear and chemical waste to the fullest extent possible
  • Make it as clean and safe as possible for long-term storage
  • And are able to conduct research into medicines
  • in the Netherlands, Europe, and the rest of the world. 

Through its research and development, Montair undertakes design, manufacturing, and realization of complete solutions that work towards these objectives."

Project management

Our project managers manage and plan your project and give you peace of mind from start to finish. They closely monitor the delivered system to ensure that it meets the set requirements and quality demands and complies with applicable legislation. Every system is supplied ‘turnkey’ thanks to the care and attention of our project managers.

Tom van Asten and Maik Wilms laugh during a meeting

Design and engineering 

Montair’s engineers translate your request into a technical solution that complies with applicable legislation. The pace of change in technology and legislation make for a challenging environment. But, with decades of experience and a commitment to remaining up to date on the technology, you can rely on our designers and construction engineers to deliver the very best complete solution.

  • Turnkey solutions in process technology
  • Conceptual, functional, and detailed design
  • Safety studies and risk analysis, including: RIE, FMEA & HAZOP
  • ATEX
  • Mechanical, electrical, and software engineering

To make this possible, Montair boasts a team of specialists with exceptional expertise in mechanical engineering, process technology, electrical engineering and industrial automation. These disciplines are supported by a divergent range of programming and design software packages.

Design and drawing software:

  • Autodesk Inventor Professional 2018
  • Autodesk Vault Basic 2018
  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2018
  • Autodesk Fusion Team Participant
  • Cadac NXTdim Suite
  • EPLAN Electric P8

Strength analysis software:

  • Autodesk Inventor Nastran

Programming software:

  • Tia-Portal (Siemens S7-300 PLC/ S7-1200 PLC/ S7-1500 PLC/HMI panel/SCADA/Drives)
  • WinCC Flexibel (Siemens HMI panel)
  • WinCC (Siemens SCADA)
  • Step 7 (Siemens S7-300 PLC)
  • Step 7-MicroWin (Siemens S7-200 PLC)
  • SIMATIC PCS 7 (Siemens S7-400 CPU)
  • Logosoft (Siemens Logo)
  • Citect (Aveva SCADA)
  • Melsoft GT Works 3 (Mitsubishi HMI)
  • Melsoft GX Works 2 (Mitsubishi PLC)
  • JMobile suite (Exor HMI)
  • Proficy machine edition (GE PLC)
Discussion at Engineering Montair


The purchasing team selects the best suppliers with products that satisfy the set requirements. They continuously seek out the most sustainable and efficient solutions – not just on price, but quality/price ratio too, to ensure that your interests as a client are properly looked after.


Our sales team comprises technically skilled experts who can listen and carefully analyse your needs. They look beyond your enquiry and are always happy to offer advice so that the solution you receive actually resolves your particular challenge, in whatever industry you operate. 


Our colleagues in the administration department work in the background to ensure that things run smoothly and that projects are completed to satisfaction.


Montair has a spacious workshop in which our technicians, welding specialists, and engineers independently manufacture and perfect prototypes and complete machines. Every item of equipment is unique and bespoke. Our engineers know exactly what it takes to turn a design into a working installation, so they never lose sight of the practical aspect while they work. Thanks to a digitised workshop, our technicians always have access to work orders, the most up-to-date drawings, and instructions. This helps to ensure optimal integration of installations and an end product that is exactly as you had intended. 

Our certified mechanical and electrical technicians:

  • Construct the product itself
  • Assemble it
  • Test it thoroughly
  • Prepare it for transport – assembled or in parts
  • Build the system on the client’s premises, if required, and commission it in conjunction with the software engineer  
Maurice Evers looks at software at Montair