Tom van Asten and Maik Wilms laugh during a meeting

In Montair’s over 50 year history, the company has delivered high-quality process installations to a range of industries worldwide. Although the technology has evolved, the commitment and flexibility remain just as firm today as they were in 1971.

The thread running through the history of Montair is the ongoing desire to create a client-focused solution to a process-related challenge.

- Founder Joop van Stratum


Montair starts engineering the installation that contributes to improving the quality of the emissions at TATA Steel IJmuiden


On September 1st 2021, Montair exists exactly 50 years. This was celebrated with a weekend full of festivities for stakeholders, family and friends.

Tom van Asten and Joop van Stratum open Montair's 50th anniversary

Montair makes a fresh start with a new name – Montair Environmental Solutions B.V. The new CEO, Tom van Asten (working at Montair since 2018) launches a restructuring program at the company. The basis of the new company remains the knowledge and experience of its employees formed over the years.

Montair Environmental Solutions

Montair and development partner Belgoprocess jointly acquire patents for the PRIME technology; this technological development can help to reduce nuclear waste from nuclear energy generation and ensure safer and cleaner storage.


As a subcontractor in the Iberdrola – Belgoprocess joint venture, Montair delivers the plasma installation for the processing of radioactive waste from the Kozloduy nuclear plant (KNPP) in Bulgaria. It is only the second industrial installation in the world – the first being in Switzerland – to use state-of-the-art plasma technology to process radioactive waste. Montair’s responsibility in the project is off-gas treatment and emission reduction.


As the principal contractor, Montair completes the prestigious project for Canon (Océ). The project involves the development, design, and completion of an ink plant for Canon’s (Océ) new UV-based ink technology.


Montair starts work on the IPM project for NIRAS in collaboration with Engie Fabricom. As part of this project, we create a completely new plant for the processing of Belgian category A nuclear waste and its preparation for safe and long-term storage. Montair is responsible for the majority of the mechanical installations, including transport trolleys, automated contamination measurement and analysis, lid pick-up and removal, and automated mortar filling stations.


Montair supplies a chemical decontamination bath installation to Jacobs E&C Ltd. This installation separates and cleans nuclear contaminated parts semi-automatically, but with full protection for the operator.


Montair develops a storage and transport container for nuclear contaminated sludge from nuclear power plants, registered as CONSUS®.


Manders Industries invests in expansion of the assembly hall with a special section for R&D activities for PRIME.


Montair develops a storage and transport container for nuclear contaminated resins from nuclear power plants. This container is registered as CINTIA®. The design is based on designs acquired from Transnubel NV in Belgium.


Montair produces radiation shielding doors with a thickness of 30 and 140 mm for NUKEM Technologies GmbH. These are automatic, solid steel doors that are used in a nuclear plant as shielding between two rooms.


Montair develops a filling station for Nutricia for the sterile filling of baby food packages. The assembly is linked to the production line with automatic outfeed and infeed of the packages.


Montair constructs a storage container for nuclear contaminated resins including coupling systems for NUKEM Technologies GmbH.


Manders Industries invests in renovating the premises and in expanding the office section.

Montair's new modern business premises from 2011

On behalf of Parker, Montair creates an acceptance test stand for automatic testing of pressure and temperature. The stand is also suitable for testing the nitrogen and oxygen percentages of aerospace and industrial modules (membrane filters).


Montair Andersen B.V. is taken over by Manders Industries and becomes part of the Manders Group. The company continues under the name ‘Montair Process Technology BV’.

The old Montair building from 2008

Montair constructs a tailwater production plant for Urenco Netherlands for the production of tailwater. This tailwater is used to downblend radioactive waste water from various processes at Urenco.


Montair manufactures a cleaning line for the dismantling of ultracentrifuges at Urenco Netherlands. The line helps Urenco to dispose of as much non-contaminated material as possible after dismantling.


Montair Andersen develops and completes a chemical waste processing installation for BeeA’h, a company in Saudi Arabia working in the petrochemicals industry. This installation incinerates harmful solids, liquids, and sludges. The installation incorporates a complete dry and wet exhaust air cleaning system for reducing emissions.


Montair constructs and installs a synthetic fibre production line in an area at risk of explosion (ATEX zone) for Parker Filtration and Separation. The synthetic fibres produced can be used to separate oxygen and nitrogen from the ambient air. The fibres are used in filters to ensure the safety of fuel tanks in the aviation industry.


Working with Océ, an upscaling of an R&D pilot installation to a production line for the creation of Cobalt Pearl ink.


On behalf of KEU GmbH, Montair supplies an air cleaning system for the combustion of hydrochloric acid and sulphur dioxide gases at a pharmaceuticals company.

The old building of Montair CAP Engineering from 2004

On behalf of KEU GmbH, Montair supplies an air cleaning system for the combustion of hydrochloric acid and sulphur dioxide gases at a pharmaceuticals company.


Montair constructs a wind tunnel for TNO in which military clothing is tested to ensure that it is gas-tight. Montair provides the annual maintenance.


On behalf of MSD, Montair produces a fully automatic washing installation for wet cleaning and subsequent drying of product carriers of active substances.


Montair constructs a waste combustion installation linked to an exhaust gas boiler and semi-dry cleaning of flue gases for Lurgi Entsorgung GmbH in Madeira. This installation processes hospital and animal waste for the whole island of Madeira and part of Portugal.


Schering AG, now Bayer, engages Montair for the engineering and manufacture of a Venturi with an (acidic) gas washer connected to a basic packed bed column. The installation handles exhaust air cleaning during the combustion of harmful gases and liquids.


Montair adapts and expands the baths used for cleaning ship engine parts on behalf of the Dutch navy in Den Helder.


For the first time, Montair develops and produces a combustion installation for the combustion of hospital waste. This project is carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as it is located in the Czech Republic.


Montair develops and completes its largest ever air cleaning system in less than one year for Monsanto Antwerp. The installation captures ABS dust particles. Montair firstly created a scale model (1:10) to verify that the client’s wishes and requirements were properly incorporated into the design before the final installation entered production.


Océ contracts Montair to develop and produce a cleaning line for the wet cleaning and drying of copiers. The copiers are reconditioned and reused after cleaning. Montair likes to engage in circular thinking with clients from an early stage in the process.


For Vlisco, Montair creates the first very large exhaust air cleaning installation to filter gases released during the printing of fabrics (acetic acid and resin particles). On account of its dimensions, the installation must be transported over a weekend using special transport vehicles.


Montair Andersen provides Topps Tilburg with a complete galvanising and cleaning line for the overhaul of aircraft engine parts. In addition, Montair creates a test stand for the testing of aircraft engines.


Andersen becomes a partner of Montair, partly on account of the increasingly strict environmental regulations and the need for economies of scale. The name becomes Montair Andersen BV.

The old Montair Andersen logo with black rings in different thicknesses in front of a white background

The first turnkey project is completed: a complete exhaust air cleaning system for a sewage treatment plant in Vlaardingen.


The first collaboration with Atlanta-based Andersen 2000 is a reality. This company specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial exhaust gas washers and absorbers.


Joop van Stratum changes the company name to Montair van Stratum to reflect the combination of assembly and clean air. Product developments are increasing and equipment construction is intensifying.

The old logo of Montair van Stratum bv with black letters and dots in front of a yellow background

As the company grows, it takes on more employees and more machinery. The company relocates to the current premises on Heuvelsestraat in Kronenberg.


The first step towards air cleaning by combining hot air stoves with a HEPA air filter system for clean air in poultry houses. In addition, the assembly company becomes a pioneer in the production of stainless steel glove boxes (isolators).

1 September 1971

Montagebedrijf Van Stratum is established. Owner Joop van Stratum continues with the maintenance, repair, and construction of machines for clients of the company that his father wound up in 1970: that company produced hot air stoves and fans for poultry houses, and greenhouses, among other things.

Black and white photo of Montair's first business premises from 1972