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Montair ensures a safe and stable environment in research and production settings thanks to our glove boxes (isolators) and radiation shielding products (nuclear shielding), for applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, and nuclear industries. 

Glove boxes and applications

  • We have been supplying stainless steel isolators for more than 40 years
  • Bespoke and standardized
  • To R&D centres, universities, laboratories, and different industries
  • From a compact glove box suitable for a small laboratory to complete clean rooms
  • For any application where external influences need to be isolated during research or production, or where operator protection is important.

With many years of experience, Montair is familiar with the technology and legislation applicable to glove boxes. We design, manufacture, and install the isolator that you need. Thanks to use of durable material, there is little to no maintenance and even after many years of use (more than 20 years is standard), you can opt to overhaul the insulators and modernize them so that they are consistent with the state of the art. This way, we contribute to the circular economy and as little material as possible is wasted.

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Radiation shielding installations

Montair has many years of experience with nuclear shielding for a diverse range of radiation shielding applications. Our solutions include sliding and revolving doors that shield the surroundings from the source of radiation thanks to their sealing and the right steel.

Every location is unique, so we are happy to discuss with you to find the safest and most sustainable solution for your situation.

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