Specific process solutions

Do you have a specific problem to which there is no standard solution? Montair has the expertise and years of experience needed to design fully bespoke installations for your process. We provide support from design to installation. Whether it’s designing your process installation in a new facility or modifying an existing installation, you can count on Montair and our tried-and-tested technologies for a cost-effective and sustainable result.

We tackle every challenge!

Solutions include:

  • A combustion system, including heat recovery and air cleaning system, comprising a wet gas washer, a dry, or semi-dry system. Or a combination of these systems.
  • A cleaning installation for radioactively contaminated cylinders or contaminated parts.
  • A water purification installation.
  • An industrial ink production installation.
  • Thick-walled drums for radioactive waste or a drum-tilt installation.

Tells us how you see your ‘ideal situation’. We design, manufacture, deliver, and commission the right solution. Everything that we do utilizes tried-and-tested technologies and is compliant with applicable legislation.

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Ram feeder

One of our latest solution is this Ram feeder. We've engineered and realised it specifically for one of our customers and it is now part of a new waste incineration plant.

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