Montair checks filter serial number

Montair emission reduction systems, also known as off-gas treatment, air pollution control systems or gas washers, allow you to clean a wide range of substances from the exhaust gases of your industrial processes, including:

  • Acidic gases, usually SO2 and HCl/Cl2 as well as HBr/Br2, HF, SO3 (acidic gas washer)
  • Alkaline gases, typically NH3 (alkaline gas washer)
  • Volatile (not aerosols), water-soluble organic compounds (gas washer)
  • Volatile (not aerosols), non-water-soluble organic substances (post-combustion installation)
  • Aerosols (HEAF)
  • Solids From fine salt particles to fine wood chips. These are fine particles that are not easy to remove if a washer cannot stop them (bag filter/Venturi/wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP))
  • Mercury, dioxins, furan (bag filter with activated carbon injection)
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx) (deNOx system)
  • Aromatics; this is a system that reduces odour nuisance. The odour can have a number of causes, but is often related to organic substances. Odour experience is very personal. Where there is an odour nuisance, an analysis of the emissions will firstly have to be carried out so that we can suggest which specific substance or category of substance needs to be removed. Montair is familiar with a range of odour control techniques.