Our approach

Whether it’s a standard process installation or a challenging problem, we will find the most suitable turnkey solution together. For you as a client and for society.

How? With a planned, project-based approach of three phases:


From idea to development

  • Montair looks at your problem and thinks beyond it
  • We often visit the site of the installation
  • We create a concept design and a concept plan
  • We will then produce an insightful quote
  • After approval, Montair will assemble a project team of the very best professionals
  • This is followed by detailed planning and an action plan
  • We conclude this phase with internal and external project kick-off

From engineering to approval

  • Now the development process can begin
  • With a functional, detailed, and final design
  • We produce product drawings
  • Purchasing, planning, and production preparations
  • Design review moments with the client
  • Any adjustments are incorporated into the 3D model
  • We conclude with production kick-off and your release for production 

From design approval to commissioning

  • Purchasing of goods
  • Start of the production process
  • Semi-finished products are ready
  • Surface treatment of steel work
  • Welding inspection at Montair: visual and penetrant  
  • External welding inspection: photometric X-ray examination
  • Mechanical, electrical, and functional testing of the installation
  • Client attends the Factory Acceptance Test
  • Assembly kick-off
  • Preparation for transport
  • On-site assembly
  • Mechanical, electrical, and functional testing
  • Site Acceptance Test on site
  • Handover
  • Evaluation and conclusion