Emissions reduction

By reducing the emissions in polluted gases, Montair can help to indirectly protect our climate and environment. Our installations clean, neutralize, and reduce virtually all types of pollutants in the exhaust gases occurring in many different industries.  

Pollutants that our installations can clean

Our air cleaning systems include:

Absorbers / scrubbers

Scrubbers, specifically absorbers, remove and/or reduce gaseous substances from/in industrial exhaust gases, including aromatics and components, acidic or alkaline, such as hydrochloric acid, sulphur dioxide, and ammonia. A quench, an upstream cooler, cools the exhaust gases to saturation temperature before they are conveyed into the scrubber.


Venturi scrubber

Venturi scrubbers separate solid substances from exhaust gas streams. These scrubbers often have a dual function:

  1. To cool exhaust gases
  2. To remove solid substances

When is a Venturi scrubber needed?

  • If a cyclone isn’t giving you the results that you need
  • If the solid components are sticky in nature
  • If the particle size of the substance being separated is less than or equal to 6 microns

Mist eliminator

A mist eliminator removes liquid droplets entrained in the off gas. By removing these liquid droplets, a better emission reduction is achieved.


Aerosol filters (HEAF)

Aerosol filters are required for the removal of submicron particles. Montair produces the typical HEAF® (High Efficiency Aerosol Filter) system, which uses a replaceable filter medium. We supply this on rolls for a continuous, clean air stream. We also supply stationary filters for applications where pollution with solid components is low. The filter systems are ideal for filtering and for removing virtually all sticky, oily, and liquid aerosol particles.

HEPA filters and dust removers

A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is a blower filter that prevents the spread of small particles. The HEPA filters in a domestic vacuum cleaner clean the air blown back out, preventing fine particles and bacteriological components from swirling around the house. Montair supplies HEPA filters on a large scale for (petro) chemical, pharmaceutical, and nuclear applications to prevent the emission of small particles. In addition to these filters, Montair also supplies pneumatically cleanable dust removal systems, which remove particles from the exhaust air stream at exhaust air temperatures of up to 260°C. By injecting additives such as calcium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, and active carbon, we can also remove acidic components and dioxins/furan from the exhaust air.

Evaporation coolers

An evaporation cooler is needed to cool an (exhaust) air stream to a desired temperature, which is done by spraying the (exhaust) air with water or washing liquid from a wet washer in a controlled stream.

Spray dryers

Spray dryers dry liquids or water containing dissolved salts and/or solid particles. Montair supplies spray dryers for (petro) chemical, pharmaceutical and nuclear, feed, and food applications. Conventional types are:

  • Air-driven sprayers
  • Rotary sprayers

We design complete spray dryers depending on products, space, energy supply and, of course, requirements.

Exhaust air cleaning, plasma installation

Montair delivered the waste gas cleaning installation for the plasma installation for the processing of radioactive waste from the Kozloduy nuclear plant (KNPP) in Bulgaria. This project was carried out for the Iberdrola-Belgoprocess joint venture. This plasma installation is the second industrial installation in the world – the first being in Switzerland – to use state-of-the-art plasma technology to process radioactive waste.