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There is global consensus that we must reduce chemical and nuclear waste. That needs to be done in compliance with the specific rules that apply. Montair’s process and chemical experts design and manufacture process solutions for the minimization of chemical and nuclear waste. 

Montair’s applications for this ‘Waste Treatment Equipment’ include:


Drum Dryer

Conical dryer

Pyrolysis installation

Combustion system

Innovation project: PRIME technology

PRIME technology (Pyrolysis of Resins In Mobile Electric installation) is a true innovation in the nuclear world. With many years of experience, including in the nuclear industry, Montair and its development partner Belgoprocess are able to use PRIME technology to resolve a global problem. This mobile installation has been specially developed to be used in locations around the world to responsibly mineralize nuclear spent resins originating from the nuclear energy generation process. Despite the fact that nuclear energy has been struggling with a negative public opinion for years, this form of energy generation is one of the most sustainable methods currently in existence.

What will the PRIME installation do in the long term?

  • Process resins contaminated with nuclear radiation
  • Reduce the volume by a factor of 7
  • Make the waste inert so that it no longer reacts with the environment
  • Produce carbon as the end product This is the purest of materials, making it suitable for permanent storage.

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This mobile installation will help to reduce and mineralize nuclear waste from nuclear power generation processes around the world, enabling safer and cleaner storage of waste. In the television programme ‘Nederland maakt Het’, Montair and Belgoprocess explain how the installation was developed and how it will contribute to a more sustainable world. 

Drum dryer

Montair supplies the most advanced, fully automatic drum dryer technology.  Contaminated and/or radioactively contaminated parts are dried in separate drums for further processing and/or long-term storage. Heating is provided to electrical drums by heat transfer by means of radiation and/or convection.

Montair supplies different types of drum dryer:

  • The 4-drum dryer
    In this dryer, the four drums are each placed in a separate heating jacket. When the cover is closed, the drums are connected to the vapour extraction circuit. The system has the benefit of direct and, therefore, efficient heat transfer from the heating jacket to the drums.
  • The 2-drum dryer
    In this dryer, two drums are transported via a roller conveyor into the cabinet and connected to the vapour extraction circuit by a lifting system.

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Conical dryer

This conical dryer is a fixed configuration and safely dries the nuclear spent resins to reduce the storage volume. This type of contact dryer comprises a dual-walled container in the shape of a cone. A spiral-shaped mixer creates movement, mixing the product that comes into contact with the heated wall. Heating takes place by passing thermal oil through the dual wall of the cone. A minor negative pressure in the conical dryer accelerates the evaporation process.

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Pyrolysis installations

Our pyrolysis installations decompose organic components into simple compounds under an inert atmosphere and high temperature. The gas fraction that is produced is then combusted in a ‘post-combustion installation’, followed by an emission reduction system. After pyrolysis there will be a significant reduction in volume, as well as a stable end product.

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(Secondary) combustion systems

Montair designs and manufactures combustion systems for the incineration of solid waste, liquids, and gases such as hospital waste or waste from the petrochemicals/chemicals industries. The gases from the primary combustion process are ‘post-combusted’ in the secondary combustion chamber, which, depending on the medium being incinerated, will be at temperatures of 1200ºC.

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